EVENTS | Feisty Feast No.7

I have had the pleasure of documenting the last few Feisty Feast Dinners and they have been such an amazing experience to be a part of. My girl Julia started the gatherings which have grown to become powerful events empowering women through the feminine spirit. At this dinner, Sarah Jade of Dharma Yoga led a lovely meditation, Sophena Kwon of Maiwa Handprints led an Indigo Dye Session and Julia whipped up an unreal feast inspired by Yotam Ottolenghi's cookbook Plenty. The dinner was set in a beautiful solarium in Strathcona which was styled by Dara of Symmetry and Grace. After dinner Sophena and her mother Charlotte spoke about their business practices, working as a mother and daughter in business as well as the detriment to our local communities and global communities of "fast fashion". Sophena and Charlotte work with artisans in rural India to produce all of the textiles and products in their shop. Their business is a pure inspiration -- they have given life to otherwise desolate rural communities that would have undoubtedly been forced into large cities and away from their roots. By bringing back the art and language of textiles they have empowered people in the most beautiful way whilst also prolonging their heritage. 

Throughout the world, excellence in craft is a viable way for craftspeople to communicate the essence of their culture, where they live and who they are.

The creativity of crafts- people provides a window into the diversity and depth of their lives. The work builds a bridge between themselves and the rest of the world to ensure that they are never forgotten.

- Maiwa