We both come from extensive movement backgrounds. This is the part where we are supposed to list our credentials but we don’t do what we’re supposed to.  Just imagine a lifetime of dancing, martial arts, competitions, teaching trainings, movement workshops and years of hustling and teaching on the community and corporate level.

We wanted to create our own space where we could offer our experience in our own style. We didn’t set out to be the best at the yoga and fitness game but rather to change the game altogether. The Distrikt is a movement through movement. It is not a gym or a yoga studio but rather a community space where people come together to connect. 

Our fitness is not too serious but that doesn’t mean it’s not challenging.  Our yoga not intimidating but that doesn’t mean its not deep and transformational.  We just have our own style. We care about the movement as much as we care about our playlists, knowing everyone’s names and how their day was. 

Stay True.